Marion Denchars writes, "much of Joan Miro's work ... looks very childlike, with bright colors and thick black outlines." His artwork is perfect for five and six-year-olds! For this post, we made masterpieces inspired by Joan Miro. Check it out.

I can't take all the credit for these creations. I borrowed it from Marion Denchars book, Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists. I recommended purchasing it because it has many great ideas and the end results look fabulous.

MATERIALS | white paper, pencil, a black Sharpie, and markers (or crayons or colored pencils)

DIRECTIONS | 1. Place the white paper in front of you. Give yourself plenty of space to move. 2. Close your eyes. Using the pencil, draw quickly across your paper using a combination of straight lines and squiggly ones. 3. Trace the lines with a Sharpie. 

Finally, color in the random shapes in bright colors. 

TADA! A beautiful masterpiece created by a Great Artist, YOU!

If you're on Instagram, tag me your Joan Miro creations at @welovebookworms. Enjoy!