BINGO is on constant rotation at our home. Malachi LOVES playing it because he can play it without any help. Also, he wins. A lot. BINGO is also effective because it teaches letter and sound recognition in a fun, practical way. So in honor of a simple yet meaningful game called BINGO, we made BINGO game mats so that you and your little ones could play it in your own home. 

Just click on this link, download, and print.

MATERIALS YOU NEED | Besides the BINGO mats, you need letter tiles (we use Scrabble tiles), chips (or pennies or whatever you have on hand to cover the letter), and a Sharpie.

STEP ONE | Weed out 26 letters of the alphabet from the Scrabble tiles. You will need this for making your BINGO mat and for randomly calling out letters. 

STEP TWO | Select eight letter tiles, then write one letter in each of the eight squares. 

It's time to play! Put back all the tiles in a pile, scramble, then draw. When the letter is recognized, place a chip over the letter. The player who covers all eight tiles first, WINS! 

I must say, Malachi is a worthy component. :) To add variety, say sounds instead of letter names for a phonics twist. Enjoy!